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Amber Fire Who's Who?

Leslie Thompson Accordion, 

Les Thompson, accordionist in Amber Fire Ceilidh Band Devon

With roots in Ukraine he was weaned on the folk music of Russia in his early years. Later, he turned to British folk music and the accordion, getting involved in the vibrant folk scene around Brighton in the 70s. When he moved to Devon in the 80s he found himself in demand for Mrs Crotty's Ceilidh Band in the South Hams, and soon became well known for his driving, rhythmical style. He formed the Seven Stars Ceilidh Band in the 1990's then started 3dB a ceilidh band with the novel twist of incorporating a touch of East European music alongside the standard ceilidh repertoire. Now that development continues with Amber Fire.

Mike Cosgrave Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin

Mike Cosgrave, guitar & mandolin

Mike is a gifted musician who has been involved with Amber Fire for over a decade.  During that time he has also toured Germany with the late Jackie Leven,  accompanied Jackie Oates on numerous concerts and recordings, and more recently formed a duo with Steve Banks of the Carnival Band to showcase their talents all over Devon. 

Chris Jewell Fiddle, Melodeon, Caller


Chris was born into a folk music family and has taken on the tradition through many great bands and events in his life.  He performs with Touchstone at festivals all over UK and in Devon he is in demand for his considerable musical skills as well as calling.  He has been a regular with Amber Fire for over ten years

Sue Eeles Flute


Sue adds sparkle and variety to the band with some super flute work, gained from long experience of playing with ceilidh bands at festivals, weddings and parties of all kinds.  

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