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Arrival & Set Up Good Gig Guide

There's more to an enjoyable gig than just playing the music.  Here are a few pointers.

Arrival:  On time and in the right place always helps get off to a good start.  Check address, sat nav can be approximate, ensure you have mobile phone numbers, don't assume reception at venue, leave room for parking main vehicle ie one with most PA nearest access.

Unloading. Identify playing area.  Unload PA/ instruments near the area but not in it as they may get in the way

 Set up chairs first to define positions, set up mains supply and main amplifiers, personal amps , lighting and monitors.  Then connect up instruments.  Use minimal length of cables to avoid loops which are a hazard.  If unfamiliar with the PA please note how connected etc to help with putting away and future set-up

Sound check.  If the same instruments, mics etc are used each time in the same channels no rebalance should be needed.  Someone, preferably guitarist should go out front and advise if any reverb is needed.  This should not be done from back of an empty hall as the acoustic will change when people arrive.  They will also make a lot of noise so the level at sound check should be as loud as possible. If any adjustment of eq needed speakers should be turned in to hear.

Once people arrive it will be hard/impolite to continue to sound check so make the most of the time available. Sometimes tea/drinks get in the way especially if on stage during the setting up.

Clear stage of clutter, cases, clothes,  tidy cables to make a safe environment.  tape down cables as needed.  

End of gig, beware of drinks!  Put instruments safe,  help disconnect and store cables: long cables to be coiled,  shorter cables can be halved, halved again then loose knotted.  If you don't know packing order for car best to leave gear by the car 

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